River Rock – Event Marketing Specialists

  • River Rock Marketing Services places the customer’s experience at the center of its approach to create the unique event you desire. We take an integrated approach to build connections through face to face interactions as well as delivering the power of an extended reach through online digital capabilities.  Our leadership approach creates and strengthens relationships, motivates your audience and capitalizes your brand.

What We Do:

 Define Project Scope

Together we define your beginning and end points utilizing best practices. We analyze options to develop resources, time, and cost estimates; and agree on deliverables, all of which help prevent costly scope creep.

Design Plans and Schedules

River Rock develops comprehensive plans that serve as a road-map for your entire project including:

  • SEO, PPC, and Analytics
  • Website Implementation
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Ticket Sales

Deliver Plan Execution

Our project leaders managing schedules and budgets, proactively tracking and resolving issues.

Drive Communication

River Rock develops a formalized communications structure keeping you up to date on the project, allowing you to focus your time and energy where they’re needed most.

Event Portfolio:

Strangling Brothers Texas Haunted Circus – Website

Strangling Brothers Press Release