Why River Rock ?

We know all about incentive gifts for the financial services industry.

Research Leading to Consumer Insight and Innovative Gifts

Over the years, we have forged incredibly close relationships with manufacturers and national consumer product brands who share with us their retail product plans and research. We augment that with our own proprietary research to gain a deeper understanding of market trends and consumers’ desires and value perceptions particularly as they relate to socio-economic targeting.

We then couple that with the unique market-specific research and insights from our client to develop just the right offering to attract targeted customers.

Personalized Services

Our leading edge, complimentary on-line inventory management system enables you to easily implement the management a single or multiple gift programs at multiple locations, track inventory at the branch level, update and add branch information, develop forecasts and monitor program activity 24/7/365.

Our warehouse, with more than 100,000 square feet of space, is located near the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport ensuring delivery of your incentives efficiently and cost-effectively anywhere in the United States.

Decades of Experience

Our team with more than 50+ years combined banking and incentive experience has developed customer attraction incentive programs that today are considered financial services industry best practices. River Rock combines incentive selection know-how with a streamlined organizational structure to deliver truly customized solutions at rock bottom prices.

Our consultative approach guarantees that our solutions will be customized for our client’s organization… from the gift strategy to the delivery to the way we structure our relationship.

Social Impact

We know you are unique and need a partner who has the consumer research and insight to customize a program that is sensitive to your brand and community needs. Our program is structured to meet your financial and operational imperatives in today’s economic environment.

Our “Building Community Roots” initiative allows you to spread goodwill while working within a tight budget.

Why River Rock

“They have a record of never missing a delivery to one of my banking centers.”