River Rock Customizes our Services to Your Needs!

River Rock knows the value of having a great partner. Our goal is to truly understand your business and tailor a distribution and service plan that makes gifting as easy as possible with minimum cost and effort to you. Every River Rock customer has a dedicated program manager that consistently watches over the details of your promotion. You have a single point of contact to deal with any issues you have, and your program manager will work on your behalf for quick resolution.

We continuously scour the market for the best transportation providers that are dependable and competitively priced. We review every provider of services to ensure that they use best practices and can deliver on their promise. We also confirm that they have the same dedication to meeting the needs of their customers as we do with ours.

Our customers require timely delivery and reporting to track previous, current and future campaigns. Our Incentive Manager technology platform is designed to be simple to use with all the functionality you need to manage the program the way you want. Whether you have one or 1000 locations, our services are scalable to provide a consistent, effective program for you. For free training on Incentive Manager, click here!

Below is a quick list of the services you get when you partner with River Rock Marketing:

Promotion Management Capability

o Customizable
o No switch disruption
o Easy to use with leading edge online technology
o Manage inventory at any level
o Forecasting
o Ordering/Reordering Daily/Weekly
o Branch/Region Reporting
o Follow-up for 100% reporting
o Detailed current and past gift reporting
o Easy to implement training manual available
o Returns/Restocking Policies
o Defective/Damage Policies

Warehouse Management Capability

o Procurement
o Processing and Shipping orders
o Warehouse and Distribution Facilities
o Automatic shipment of replacements
o Track every package to doorstep
o Factory forecast/preferred allocation
o 24/7 Secured Facility

Additional Services

o Branch Voting Websites
o Branch Merchandising Ideas
o High Resolution Images
o Gift Recommendation
o Incentives Consultations
o ConsumerNSight Research