Bullet-proof Your Gift Selections – Step 8- Learn the Power of Market Research

Using real people to test new incentives is a valuable tool in helping to bullet-proof gift selections. River Rock Marketing uses a proprietary product screening process called ConsumerNSight™, and product testing is one feed into that model. Let’s review how ConsumerNSight™ is used to find the best gifts for your incentive programs.

Use Data to Screen Products

River Rock reviews thousands of new items every year. Product testing is one way we sift through tons of incentive options to find those that appeal to potential customers. By first using product testing as a screen, we can include many more gifts into the process, which provides you with innovative gift options.

Gain Insight into Preference

River Rock groups all gifts into categories, such as coolers, MP3 players, or kitchen appliances. Once we have identified hot categories, we do intense research to discover all the potential items in that category. We then use testing to determine which item wins, and why it wins, whether it’s based upon brand, feature, price, etc. Product testing helps us pick the best “horse” in the race.

Know Perceived Value

One of the linchpins of a successful gifting program is perceived value. Product testing provides a great source of data to determine what value potential customers place on an item. This data is then matched against pricing to ensure our gifts outperform other incentive items, such as cash, gift cards, etc.

There are many variables that ConsumerNSight™ uses to determine which gifts will deliver the best performance in your market. Product testing provides valuable data, but that data must be interpreted. The experts at River Rock Marketing have years of experience helping financial institutions pick the right gift for their incentive promotions.