Bullet-proof Your Gift Selections – Step 10- Gifts should Support Bank’s Branding Efforts

For most financial institutions, great gifts with broad appeal create the biggest bang for the buck.  Some banks and credit unions build their brand around specific demographics.  An example of this would be a  financial institution that caters to the Hispanic market. Others focus on professionals or small businesses.

If your financial institution builds its brand by focusing on a specific demographic, then it is wise to take your brand building efforts into consideration when selecting gifts for your incentive programs. Proven incentives work in all markets, but further segmenting your gift selections to meet targeted demographics can give you the extra punch you need improve the profitability for your financial institution.  Great gift selections will support and enhance your brand.

Another example of brand building is rural vs urban financial institutions. There are many gift selections that play extremely well in rural markets.  Hunting themed items, such as binoculars or camouflaged items, are guaranteed winners.

For community banks that identify with colleges or universities, sports related items such as sports chairs, stadium seats and fleece blankets work well.

ConsumerNSight™, River Rock Marketing’s proprietary product research process, considers a multitude of factors including geography and branding when creating gift recommendations. For more information about how River Rock Marketing can provide you with the most innovative marketing gift selections, contact us today!